Present members

  • Bruno Marques

  • Talia Figueiredo

  • Brigite Cabrita

  • Soraia Silva

  • Torcato Martins

  • Rui Gonçalo Martinho

    I have a Biology degree (University of Lisbon) and I joined the Gulbenkian Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences (PGDBM) in 1995. I did my Ph.D. research with Antony Carr (MRC-Cell Mutation Unit, Sussex University, UK), where I worked with DNA-dependent checkpoints in fission yeast. My post-doctoral research was done in the laboratory of Ruth Lehmann […]

    Principal Investigator



  • Rui Filipe Silva

    I started my research career in 2003 during a master in Molecular Genetics at the Department of Biology of University of Minho. At the time I was interested in studying the mechanisms that leads to an orchestrated demising of the cell. So, during my Master, I studied yeast cell death and developed cytological techniques for […]

    Post-doctoral Research Fellow


  • Margarida Tiago Neto

    My scientific path began in 2005 as an undergraduate Biochemistry student at University of Algarve. I have worked on the development of a phage display system in order to targeting cancer cells as an alternative powerful tool for cancer diagnosis. The aim of this project was to identify proteases that were differentially expressed at the […]

    Laboratory Manager