• Bruno Marques

  • Talia Figueiredo

  • Brigite Cabrita

  • Soraia Silva

  • Torcato Martins

  • Rui Gonçalo Martinho

    I have a Biology degree (University of Lisbon) and I joined the Gulbenkian Ph.D. program in Biomedical Sciences (PGDBM) in 1995. I did my Ph.D. research with Antony Carr (MRC-Cell Mutation Unit, Sussex University, UK), where I worked with DNA-dependent checkpoints in fission yeast. My post-doctoral research was done in the laboratory of Ruth Lehmann […]

    Principal Investigator



  • Leonardo Gaston Guilgur

    Current Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Raquel Oliveira Laboratory, Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal)


  • Alexandra Ferreira Faustino

    Current Position: Ph.D. student (Duarte Barral laboratory, CEDOC, Portugal)

  • Pedro Antonio Prudêncio

    I finished my degree in Biotechnology Engineering in Universidade do Algarve. Subsequently, I worked for different groups as Department lab technician at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, where I develop an interest for Developmental Biology. I have been working in laboratory of Rui Martinho since 2008, where I initially worked in a project related with spindle […]

    Ph.D. Student


  • Ana Luisa Ribeiro

    I have a degree in biochemistry, and I started my scientific career studying the importance of Hypoxia inducible factor 1 (HIF-1), in terms of pharmacogenetics, for the development/proliferation of several types of solid tumours, such as breast and colorectal cancer. Since my main interests at the time were the influence of hypoxia in the regulation […]

    Post-doctoral Research Fellow