Fully funded postdoctoral (PhD degree) and a research (MSc degree) positions are currently available.

Research project:
The messenger RNA is the molecule that translates genetic information into function, being its correct processing crucial for development and human health. Introns are nucleotide sequences within the gene that are removed by RNA splicing during processing of the mRNA. Abnormal RNA splicing is associated with distinct human diseases, as genetic information is abnormally translated and the associated functions usually impaired.
We observed that during the earliest stages of Drosophila embryonic development removal of introns is particularly inefficient (eLife. 2014 Apr 22; 3: e02181; Bioessays. 2015 May;37(5):514-24), being most genes expressed at this stage of development remarkably poor in intronic sequences.
We aim to better understand the molecular mechanisms responsible for such inefficient splicing and we hypothesize that modulation
of RNA splicing efficiency is important for regulation of alternative splicing and differential gene expression.

Place/Supervision: Collaborative research project between Maria Carmo-Fonseca (IMM, Lisbon, Portugal) and Rui Martinho (UAlg, Faro, Portugal).

For more information send detailed CV and motivation letter to:

Rui Martinho

email: rgmartinho@ualg.pt